Finally, an intuitive PLM Software
Rechain PLM lets you easily:
Generate Tech Packs
Track your development process in real-time
Collaborate with all your suppliers
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100+ Brands use Rechain every day
What Our Customers Say
“I’ve been in the fashion industry for 20 years, worked with Backbone, BeProduct, and Techpacker … Rechain is the most complete and easy to use”
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“Rechain will allow us to scale even more efficiently by eliminating numerous steps that were previously done manually. It is a product development tool that will help us grow more confidently”
Harriet King
Product Developer
“In two weeks, we had 100% of our styles imported. We now manage every sample comments in Rechain, which makes it super easy to find what was shared with a factory”
Mark H
Founder & CEO
“Rechain definitely makes the collaboration within the team much easier. We can now follow-up the development in one place, which saves us a lot of time!”
Ana Alemany
Senior Product Developer
The biggest problem product teams face: managing hundreds of spreadsheets
Finding the right information takes a lot of time
Between Tech Packs, WIPs, & Sample comments, it becomes increasingly more difficult to find what you need without asking the whole team.
Managing everything with a spreadsheet creates errors that are hard to catch
We've all been there: a sample arrives, with the wrong color. After digging through emails, it turns out the last version of the Tech Pack had the wrong indications.
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What if you could get rid of all those
Our clients did!
6h per week lost
On average, a product developer will loose 6 hours per week due to unorganized information. More files, more questions, more emails.
14 additional days lost per sample
Copy/pasting information between files and keeping updates in mailboxes leads to errors in tech packs. On average, 14 days per sampling round are lost in additional communication and errors.
Use Rechain to make your product development process easy and collaborative
Keep track of your tech packs, samples, timelines & more, in one place
Generate Tech packs automatically, while keeping tracks of each single update
We're glad you asked.
How much does it cost?
Subscriptions start at $49 per user per month. You can compare our plans on our Pricing page.
Can I try it out?
We offer a 60-day money-back guarantee so you can try Rechain with zeo risk. If Rechain is not a fit for you, we'll refund 100% of what you paid.
How easy is it to get started?
Rechain is the most intuitive and easy-to-use PLM. In addition to that, we import all your existing tech packs for free, so you'll be able to get started easily.
Can I collaborate with my suppliers?
Yes! Collaborating with your suppliers on Rechain is 100% free. Factories in 15 countries use Rechain everyday.
Try Rechain with zero risk
60-day money-back guarantee
If you're not happy with Rechain within the first 60 days, we refund you 100% of your subscription
100+ brands using Rechain every day
From startups to established brands, Rechain helps 100+ brands across 10 countries to manage their development process. 
Free import of all your existing tech packs
We import all your existing data (tech packs, fabric & trims) for free so you can start with a familiar workspace  
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