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How TomboyX partnered with Rechain to reduce defects by 40%

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in defects eliminated


in returns costs avoided


time spent on managing Orders and Quality Inspections

TomboyX is a pioneering gender-neutral underwear brand committed to shaking up the way people think about and buy their intimates. They emphasize a diverse range of body-positive, eco-friendly options for everything from day-to-day basics to athleisure wear.

To support their growth and expand their offering, TomboyX increased their supplier base from 2 factories in one country to 7 over 4 countries, making it more challenging to monitor the progress of their orders and the quality of their products. Being a startup means that having a team on the ground in every single location is not an option: working with Rechain helped them get the right tools and support for their manufacturing operations.

The Challenge

Maintaining a high product quality and avoiding production delays is critical for fashion brands

TomboyX initially produced most of their styles in China, but was looking to expand their supplier network in different countries to have a more resilient supply-chain.

A single factory had been manufacturing most of their products for years, so they were on the same page in terms of quality and communication. However, onboarding more suppliers in India and Turkey required to closely monitor quality and the progress of their orders.

At first, the collaboration between TomboyX and their new suppliers was complicated:

  • Delays were not communicated early enough
  • Quality was not as their usual standard, and led to some deceptive customer feedback

"Implementing Rechain's platform was smooth and straightforward. The level of detail in the quality inspection reports provided us with the information we need to ensure everything produced matches with our expectations."

David Moss

Director of Product Development & Production
The Solution

David and his team were looking for a combination of:

  1. Support on the ground to maintain a Time & Action calendar and do inspections
  2. A single platform to manage their orders globally

Rechain provided them with a solution covering both aspects, and delivering the result through a modern online platform that could be their single dashboard for their products & orders.

In just a few weeks, Rechain started collaborating with TomboyX’ suppliers in multiple countries, delivering real-time updates of their orders and detailed quality inspection reports.

Every supplier has access to Rechain and can review the reports on the same day of the inspection. This helps to make sure everyone is on the same page, and helps the factory solve the issues found quickly.

"The customer support from Rechain is exceptional. Their quick response times and dedication to customizing their support to our needs have been extremely valuable."

David Moss

Director of Product Development & Production
The Result

After partnering with Rechain, TomboyX experienced substantial improvements in their manufacturing operations.

  • 40% in defects were eliminated, significantly improving the brand's perceived quality.
  • TomboyX saved $180k in returns costs, thanks to the accurate and timely quality inspections enabled by Rechain.
  • Time spent on managing Orders and Quality Inspections was reduced by 30%, freeing up valuable time for the team to focus on other strategic initiatives.

David emphasizes that the centralized dashboard provided by Rechain has been a game-changer for TomboyX, streamlining both orders and quality control from one unified platform. This has been especially crucial for a startup that cannot afford to have a team on the ground in multiple countries.

Following these compelling results, TomboyX chose to trust Rechain with 100% of their orders in Asia. The company is planning to further integrate Rechain's solutions as they continue to expand their supplier base.

David Moss

Director of Product Development & Production

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