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How Snuggs reduced Product Developers onboarding time by 30%


reduction in time spent on Product Developer onboarding

1 month

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of their styles managed with Rechain

Founded in 2018, Snuggs set out on a mission to revolutionize menstrual care with the most comfortable period underwear on the market. Quickly gaining traction, Snuggs has won over 450,000 users, thanks to its blend of innovation, sustainability, and convenience. This achievement marks a significant shift towards more eco-friendly and practical menstrual solutions, making Snuggs a leading figure in the industry.

The Challenge

Snuggs initially started with a team of 2 product developers, with tech packs created using Google Sheets and developments tracked through Asana. As the team and the number of styles began to grow, it became more difficult for the team to collaborate with this organization, which slowed the team down.

According to Ana, Senior Product Developer at Snuggs, it was very difficult to get an overview of all the styles developed, the components used, or to understand what each supplier was manufacturing.

When I joined Snuggs, getting up to speed quickly was difficult because all the product and supplier information was in different spreadsheets. We didn't have a way to quickly find the information we were looking for.

Ana Alemany

Senior Product Developer
The Solution

Having run a fashion brand for several years before joining Snuggs, Ana knew that as the company grew, it would need to structure its product development process and use a PLM software to help.

The team at Snuggs identified 3 criteria they wanted to see in a solution:

  • It had to be easy to use, so that team members could quickly get up to speed with it
  • It had to be fast to implement, so they wouldn't have to spend months before being able to use it
  • It should be flexible enough to adapt to their workflow

After meeting with Rechain, they were convinced that it would meet with their expectations.

Getting started with Rechain was very easy and went smoothly. We were up and running within a month, and had all our existing product information available.

Ana Alemany

Senior Product Developer
The Results

With Rechain, Snuggs can now manage the development of all its styles in a single place. After six 6 months of usage, here are the results:

  • 30% less time is spent on onboarding new product developers
  • Rechain was implemented in 1 month, with all their existing tech packs imported
  • 100% of their new developments are managed through Rechain

Rechain definitely makes the collaboration within the team much easier. We can now follow-up the development in one place, which saves us a lot of time.

Ana Alemany

Senior Product Developer

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