Case Study

How Rechain helped Destira reduce tech pack creation time by 80%


less time spent on creating tech packs


saved annually in comparison with a previous solution

15 min.

to create a line sheet instead of up to 3 days

Destira was founded 20 years ago, with a mission to empower young girls passionate about gymnastics. Over the years, Destira has experienced significant growth and expansion, evolving into a prominent leader in the gymnastics apparel industry.

The Challenge

Destira currently manufactures all of its products in the Los Angeles area. With increasing prices and growing sales volumes, Destira has been looking to expand its manufacturing network. Collaborating with new manufacturers requires having professional-looking tech packs and keeping them centralized in a single place.

Initially, tech packs were made through Adobe Illustrator, which was time-consuming and did not provide the product team with a simple overview of key indicators such as fabric usage and suppliers.

Part of the challenge was to find a solution that was not an ERP with additional PLM features, as this often means paying a high price for unused features.

Prices are going up everywhere. As we were looking to expand our production to different locations, we wanted to make sure our product tech packs looked professional and were not just based on Excel spreadsheets and Google Forms.

Stephanie Scott

Product Developer
The Solution

While searching for a PLM software, Destira identified that they needed a user-friendly, affordable solution that could produce a professional look for their tech packs.

After meeting with Rechain, they were confident that they had found the right partner. To quickly onboard Destira and provide them with the benefits they were looking for, the Rechain team initially focused on importing their 300 tech packs. This allowed Destira to start with a ready-to-use workspace containing all their existing data.

According to Stephanie, 'Onboarding was amazing. Rechain took care of importing all the data we had.' We successfully helped Destira:

  • transition from a manual tech pack creation process to an automated one, saving time and providing a more professional look
  • generate different versions of their tech packs for various uses: as an example, pattern makers or suppliers now have dedicated versions, which do not require additional time to create

Rechain is willing to work with what our needs were: a lot of software providers are not interested in that. In your case, you’ve been very flexible and adapted to our needs. We felt like we were partners, not customers.

Stephanie Scott

Product Developer
The Results

With Rechain, Destira was able to both reduce the time spent generating tech packs and ensure a professional-looking format. Before collaborating with Rechain, Destira was concerned about how to expand its manufacturing network and product range without significantly increasing the time spent on tech pack creation. Here are the results to date:

  • 80% less time spent creating a tech pack with Rechain compared to Illustrator
  • $8k saved per year compared to their previous solution
  • Line sheet creation lead time reduced from 3 days to just a few minutes

Stephanie emphasizes that Rechain is more than just a PLM software; it has become a partner they can rely on.

Getting started with Rechain was very easy and intuitive. We also benefitted from being able to reach out easily and get answers very quickly. You have the best support among PLM software providers!

Stephanie Scott

Product Developer

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