Case Study

How Rechain helped Angel's Face save 6 hours per week

6 hours

saved per week per team member


less time to create a tech pack

1 month

onboarding time

Created by Keely Deininger more than 10 years ago, Angel's Face is the leading brand of pettiskirts and tutus in the UK. Collection after collection, the brand expanded its product range to include tops, t-shirts, leggings, dresses, hair accessories, shoes, knitwear, denim, and coats. Their products are now sold in 400+ boutiques in 40 countries.

The Challenge

Angel's Face was primarily using emails and Excel to manage the design and development processes.
As a fast-growing brand, the number of products to develop is growing quickly, which makes it difficult and time-consuming to keep relying only on spreadsheets.

According to Harriet, Product Developer at Angel’s Face, they didn’t have a central place for their product information, requiring the team to frequently request updates from one another, multiplying emails and messages.
Additionally, they had to create and update tech packs manually, which was taking a lot of time.

They had been looking to adopt a PLM software for some time, but couldn't find a solution that was easy to use and didn't take months to implement.

Information about our products wasn't easily accessible to everyone on the team. Many emails circulated daily, raising questions about specific product information or steps in a process.

Harriet King

Product Developer

While searching for a PLM software, Angel's Face identified that they needed an intuitive and flexible software, with responsive support that could help them get up to speed quickly.

After meeting with Rechain, they were confident that they had found the right partner. To quickly onboard Angel's Face and provide them with the benefits they were looking for, the Rechain team initially focused on importing 100 of their styles in development. This helped Angel's Face to start with a ready-to-use workspace containing all their existing data.

According to Harriet, 'the onboarding was even easier than anticipated.' Rechain successfully helped Angel's Face:

  • Centralize their product information and tech packs so the whole team can collaborate
  • Simplify the collaboration between the design team and the development team

Harriet emphasizes that Rechain was very responsive and attentive to how their processes were organized so they could make the most of the PLM software.

I spend much less time creating my bill of materials. Instead of typing the component information manually, I can add the components directly from my database in a few clicks. It's as simple as adding products to a basket on an e-commerce site.

Harriet King

Product Developer
The Results

With Rechain, designers and product developers at Angel's Face now have a common platform to collaborate. Before using Rechain, Angel's Face was concerned about growing its product range without spending much more time on product development and communication within the team.

Here are the results to date:

  • 6 hours saved per week per team member
  • 70% less time spent on the creation of tech packs
  • the team was onboarded in one month

They are now starting to onboard their suppliers so they can share tech packs and feedback on the samples received easily.

Rechain will allow us to scale even more efficiently by eliminating numerous steps that were previously done manually. It is a product development tool that will help us grow more confidently.

Harriet King

Product Developer

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