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Rechain lets you easily manage your product development, production, quality inspections & more - in one place.
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Everything you need to manage your fashion brand

From the initial development of your products to the final delivery, we help you manage your entire supply chain.

Collaborate with your team and suppliers to get your products to market faster

From product specs to tech packs and reviews of samples, you can manage your entire product development process in one place.
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Get full visibility over your manufacturing process

Our team of apparel manufacturing experts on the ground, close to your factories, deliver real-time updates from the factory. Rechain becomes your single source of truth for production data.
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Receive only high quality deliveries

Our team of experienced quality inspectors will ensure that your products meet your quality standards before they are shipped.
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How Rechain helps Development, Production and Quality teams
Rechain is made to simplify collaboration and handoffs between teams, from Product Developers to Quality Managers
Product Developers
Centralize your product information and track the progress of your collections
Product Developers
Centralize your product information and track the progress of your collections
Production Managers
Issue Purchase Orders, monitor delays and issues, collaborate with your suppliers
Quality Managers
Request inspections in one click, and get detailed reports on the same day
Use only what you need
Rechain has three modules, that can either be used independently or combined to centralize the whole process
Product team creates products and develop them
Manage components, request samples, and collaborate with suppliers directlty on Rechain. Export complete techpacks and share sample feedback in a few clicks.
Production team takes over and tracks orders
Create orders with product information already available, generate automatically the planning of the order, and track their progress.
Quality team ensures each item has the right level of quality
Request inspections for orders in progress, get reports and analytics in one place.

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How Rechain helped Evarae reduced by 22% the time spent to release a product

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How TomboyX removed Excel files and endless email chains from their workflow using Rechain

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